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Software for your CrossFit®-Box

Managing your day-to-day had never been so easy


active users

The ultimate software for your CrossFit Box

User Management

Management of your clients and their bookings, memberships, vouchers, activities, payments...


Your clients can book activities and even spaces.



Plan the workouts for each activity in your box and decide when your users can see the WOD

Automatic payments

Thanks to Resapayments, your users can automatically pay their fees. But it is not the only option: receipts, bank transfer, cash...


first year, after 115€/month. No attachments.

We are experts in what you hate
  • Receipts, payments and bookings in one place
  • Just one price, no extras, no surprises, no attachments
  • Data import service from your previous software included
  • Software designed for Crossfit®
  • Specific functionalities to deal with COVID
  • Support in your language

other softwares


  • Extra charges for modules and users
  • Term contract attachment. Extra charge for migration.
  • They are not designed for CrossFit®
  • No specific functionalities for COVID


Our customers tell you better than us

“We save time in accounting, planning and organizing the WODs, making our members independent”

Willy & Debby · CrossFit Beaune

“We are delighted. It has made it easier for us to manage our business and has improved the user experience of our clients”

Carla y Gonzalo · Boostconcept

“It is very easy to schedule classes, calendars, new clients ... and since we started they have added new functions that we neededs”

Raquel y Marcos · CrossFit Bulldozer


You always have a hard time doing the first one.

Therefore, if you are interested in RESAWOD, we can call you or send you more information at the time and day that you prefer.

We have a Resawod team for you

Hi ! I’m Irantzu

I’ve lived in England for a while and since then I love to eat scones for my breakfast to start the day with energy.

I will be happy to answer your questions and help you in the process of changing to Resawod.



We will not charge you anything for contacting us. Our phone numbers have no trick, and we don't charge you to open a support ticket.

By phone, email, conference call...

You decide when and how you wish to be contacted.

In your language

English, german, french, spanish...

Ticket system

You will be notified about the state of your request througout the process

Improvement requests

We strive to be the best version of ourselves. That's why we value our customers improvement requests. Do you have any idea? Share it with us!

Weekly updates

Our Crossfit Management software is improved and enhanced every week. Our dedicated development team introduces updates every week to have the best Crossfit management software on earth.

Our Fran time won't be 2'10″...

...but we have software that will make you fall in love.

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