Main functionalities

From the more than 4,500 functionalities we have chosen some of the ones that may interest you the most.

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Calendar and bookings

Create a personalized calendar with all your activities. Your users could book through your website or through the app. 

Configure the activities: number of participants, duration and waiting list.

Moreover, you could define booking settings such as: price, time in advance to cancel, number of bookings per day and/or per week, as well as blocking the facility where the activity will take place.

Resawod allows you to assign a coach to each activity that will be visible to your users at the time of booking.

Do your users sign up and don’t go? You can sanction them automatically.


Control and manage your invoicing, in a very simple and intuitive way, from a single place. We take care of what concerns you most.

Manage your payments. You can create bank remittances automatically, collect in different methods, or automate your payments with Resapayments (it is the Resawod payment gateway, it prevents you from having your own gateway or Point of Sale).

Take advantage of reports to control your financial flows, helping you with your accounting plan.

Consult in real time your invoicing, your payments and non-payments, as well as your pending payments. 

Ready to face COVID-19

Broadcast your classes online through Zoom or Youtube. These classes can be followed through the user’s mobile application or your website. They will appear in your users’ app and you can even manage whether they are included in the fee, or is it another fee, how to book, how many users can attend…

Create home activity with training sessions and send the planning so your athletes so they can train at home.

Install an access control device and link it to Resawod. You will be able to see the total number of people who are inside the centre, and in each of the facilities (changing rooms, open area, community room). Do you want to prevent users who are not registered from accessing? No problem.

From your mobile phone

So you can help your client without stopping the class


You will be able to broadcast the class on a television and see if a user is injured, it is his/her birthday or turns 100 classes.


Make a sale from your mobile while you are teaching a class.


Mark who has attended class before starting and forget about papers that get lost.


Review your athletes’ RMs to find out what  weights they should use.


Use our task tool to find out what to do or to assign a task to a coach.


Send messages to your athletes through the app. Congratulate their birthdays, ask them if they are going to be late for class, or congratulate them on having been coming to class for 3 months!

Here you can find a list with more functionalities…

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Manage, from a single place, the day to day of your Crossfit box: centre, billing, users, marketing, reports etc. Free yourself and have more time for yourself!


Create and assign your passes and vouchers, fully personalized according to the characteristics or needs of your members and the bookings options that your Crossfit box allows. You can configure them according to your needs, defining the period of validity and payments, as well as the activities to which it gives access and limits bookings by day, week and month.


Our software is linked to your accesses so that you can control the total number of people who are inside the center, and in each of the facilities, easily and simply. Your name, time of entry and exit will be recorded.


Create a personalized calendar of all your activities and thus allow your users to book their sessions online or easily from the Resawod mobile app. Configure the activities based on the number of participants, as well as the duration of the activity and the waiting list. In addition, you will be able to define booking settings such as: price, time in advance to cancel, or number of registrations per day and / or per week, as well as blocking the facility in which it will take place. Resawod allows you to assign a coach to each activity that will be visible to your users when registering.


Establish a maximum number of bookings in each activity, facility, or specific area. In this way the allowed capacity cannot be exceeded. By allowing online bookings for your users, they will know at all times if they can go to the centre or not. In addition, they will be able to pay for their bookings from their mobile phones and thus avoid crowds in the box.


When a user is injured, the centre’s physical therapist or coach can include that injury and add exercises that they shouldn’t be doing. When going to a class, the app will notify the coach that that person may have problems doing the class because of the injury. Updates the evolution of the injury and leaves a record of the problems that the user has had.


Broadcast all your classes online thanks to live videos, through Zoom or YouTube. These classes can be followed through the user’s mobile application or your website.


All users registered in an activity, as well as the administrator, will be able to have conversations, exchange impressions and comment on the class, in the activity chat, so in the future you can better adapt it.


Control and manage your invoicing in a easy and intuitive way from one place Manage your payments from Resawod. You can create bank remittances, charge by different methods, or automate your charges with our online gateway Resapayments. Control your financial flows, helping you plan your accounting. Check in real time your total billing, your payments and defaults, as well as your pending payments.


Create an active community around your box thanks to the multiple tools available in the system. Communication is the basis of loyalty. Marketing and communication: we integrate the newsletter and news service into the software to help you communicate with your users. In addition, in Resawod we include a messaging system with which you can communicate with your entire Crossfit community. Narrowcast: through narrowcast, you can create competitions between users in your daily wods, show their photos in events or daily routines, even project the latest publications from your social networks. We integrate your calendar on your website, as well as on Facebook, allowing reservations through these platforms and improving the user experience. In addition, from the Resawod users app, they can have direct access to the news, their messages, as well as their Wodbook and Whiteboard to compete with their friends and record their progress.


Social Networks are an increasingly important channel of communication with our community. Now, from the platform itself, you can analyze, manage and measure the success of all your digital content, thanks to the social module.


Follow the evolution of your Crossfit box in real time thanks to the multiple tools and statistics that the system integrates. We put at your disposal numerous reports that you can filter and customize according to your interests, and that will allow you to have a global vision of your centre, or specific of each user.


Manage your Crossfit events from Resawod through different tools that will facilitate your organization: Wodbook: allows the creation of a specific Wod for the event. Whiteboard: we include in our software the creation of a table of results of the Wod of the event linked to each participant. You can display the whiteboard on screens, allowing attendees to follow the results of the participants. Narrowcast: configure, according to your current needs and priorities, the elements that you want to show on the screens placed in your box. Newsletter y noticias: from the same platform you can promote your events through the news or newsletters. In addition, you can create user lists to make your communication as personalized as possible. Your users will be up to date with the news of the event through the app, they will be able to register their wods and compare them with their records in their personal Wodbook.


Create a point of sale within our software from which you can sell the products that you offer in your box, whatever they may be, from vouchers to complementary services for athletes, such as nutrition or physiotherapy. You will be able to configure different payment methods, as well as assign the receipts to users, who will receive them in their mobile application. Control stock and make use of reports to better manage your business.


In the same way that our software is linked to your accesses, you can link it to the air conditioning system, lights, even communication systems to have control over them.


Sales and support team will answer your call. Our real chat will solve your doubs.


Resadmin, our mobile application for administrators and employees. With Resadmin, managing your box is easier than ever. Through our application you will be able to know in real time everything that happens in your box, wherever you are. In addition, Resadmin is designed to facilitate the daily work of your employees, helping them to manage the centre easier and faster: users, activities, bookings, messaging, tickets, domotic or daily billing.


Free mobile application for your users. It allows them to manage their bookings and payments. Create an active community around your center for you. Available in 10 languages.


Our online payment platform with which you can automate payments from your box. With an advantageous transaction cost, no monthly fee, no installation costs, no hidden costs and totally safe.


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